Canada Government Has Started Issuing Visa To Immigrants For 2019!

Canada has opened doors for Immigrants for this year. Have you been searching for the opportunity to travel to Canada or work in Canada? well we have brought you the good news you have been waiting for.

With this information, you can also secure a job in Canada

The Canadian government has opened its doors to welcome over 40,000 immigrants this year including Africa. The 2019 January statistics figure shows Canada is determined in achieving its goal by the end of 2021.

Due to excessive demand for labor force within the country, the government and provinces opened more doors. Family sponsorship and economic immigration are playing a fundamental role to see dreams of thousands of immigrant coming to a reality.

January 2019 was the takeoff of the three years immigration government plan. The immigrant number is expected to rise in progressive rate. The Canadian government expects 34100 by 2020. In 2021 they target the number to rise up to three hundred and fifty thousand. Surprisingly Canada being sparsely populated, the new immigrant will represent almost one percent of the total population.

The government presumes the new population will be an instrumental figure in the labor task force and the economy of the country will rise. Real estate investors have taken the government plan as the golden opportunity. The idea has welcomed the constructions of the new residential building that are well furnished. Over three hundred thousand residential houses are expected to been fully furnished and equipped by the end of the year.

Economic Immigration Program

The Canadian government has a well-stipulated policy to welcome the new arrivals. The Federal Express Entry System and Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program are mandated to register and check the credential of the immigrant. The two economic immigration programs have been highly rated for the transparency and accountability of the official working in those departments. Their expertise is remarkable and undisputed.

The express entry system had a massive tick off these January with the invitation of eleven thousand and one hundred and fifty applicant available. It was so amazing that they were guaranteed permanent Canadian Citizenship. It was a big take off. New hopes have risen to thousands

Considering the history of immigration in Canada for the past five years, 2019 invitation is bigger and better. Express Entry issued 89800 requests. It was a terrific record. The international immigrants are assured of permanent residence. Province Nominee Program has shown a tremendous result. Influx immigrants are expected in the province such as British Columbus, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Ontario and Manitoba to mention the list. An average of five thousand first-generation immigrants has been invited to apply.

Family Reunification

Along with that, a new program was reopened in January. Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Program was highly embraced. The program allowed permanent resident and Canadian citizen above eighteen years a chance to reunite with their families. Their parents and grandparents were offered, a lifelong resident.

The government enumerated a simple procedure to the interested candidates. A form was produced that they are obligated to fill. The process is fair and transparent; they are served according to the time one arrived, first in first out. The targeted number is expected to approximate twenty-seven thousand.

The government is using the strategy of reuniting families as one way to retain and attract chains of immigrants. According to the report released in parliament 2018, it was noted that reuniting families play a significant role. The new arrivals are expected to be of great benefit to the economy.

Trudy January 2019 was awe-inspiring takeoff. The Canadian immigration department will achieve its limitless possibilities of registering new faces by 2021. A new hope has dawned to thousands who dreamt of living abroad.

If your dream is to go to Canada in 2019, then there is no better time to apply, than now. Get started with your application and be among the hundreds of thousands of people that will be allowed into Canada this year.


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